Who we are

We are a joint venture of several companies and initiatives with seat in Germany, that operate internationally successful for many years. We are united by a common understanding of new economic ethics, fairness, moral and respect. Our joint business success will allow us to realize this major project as an example of a new social and economic system. We do not do missionary work, but show real examples of sustainable solutions.

What are we doing

We develop a self-sufficient settlement project for ten years now together with several international partners. We are independent from every kind of social, religious or political group. The project development is financed by working daughter companies and will finance the start of the settlement project themselve. Based on a new business ethics and a fair social order the aim is to create a micronation as a post-collapse-model.

What we offer

We provide people the opportunity to join economic cooperations in diverse sectors in order to advance this project. Social dedicated and forward-thinking people we offer the direct participation in the project. Investors we offer financial partnerships. Creative thinkers we beg to be part of our ThinkTanks. Special people we provide to be ambassadors of the MicroNation EcoEden.

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Micro Nation Eco Eden

Transparency has a name now

To inform our members we are able to write articles into the social networks or by sending newsletter. We are able to promote interesting themes and ideas - and this is the base for our Albanian activities when we are talking about to inform the citizens, to explain ideas in the public, to have transparency by public projects. On this base we are creating media partnerships in Albania to use transparency as weapon against corruption and incompetence, also to show the citizens, that they are not allone with their needs.