Deutsche Nutrition Manufactories


The Deutsche Nutrition Holding Sh.p.k. is our key to the market of medicinal and aromatic plants, herbal and traditional fruit and vegetables in Albania. Our German investment company ACRE A Clean Earth Refreshed GmbH & Co. KG is with 70% majority shareholder of the company. The managing director of the NGO Gateway Albania and Demeter Development Sh.p.k., Bertila Kola is 10% and the German Tausendgrün UG as distribution and cooperation partner is involved with 20%. The aim of the Deutsche Nutrition Holding Sh.p.k. is the construction of one or more factories in northern Albania for the production of end products of herbs and medicinal plants and the production of soft drinks and decorative garden items. In April 2016, the opening of the first factory is planned to supply on the main products are closed, the existing for years in Germany sales channels are extended and expanded the business area in Austria and Switzerland.

Herbal mixes, herbs, teas, soft drinks, dried fruit and animal food supplements are from certified organic products in northern Albania future prepared and different wooden decorative items. All products are mainly made by hand, noted the EU standards in terms of hygiene and production, quality management systems are established and all over is traded under the premise of a new business ethics. The value takes place in the region, the products are exported as finished products under its own label and with the label "Made in Albania" in the EU and sold directly through the Anna Perenna UG to the final consumer.

A direct cooperation with the Deutsche Agrar Holding Sh.p.k. and a few other producers and exporters is in the area of self-cultivation of certain herbs, fruit and vegetables and the cultivation of medicinal plants for use in Traditional Chinese Medicine is given.

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