Albania or Asturia


We have for some years now busy trying to find the right location for our first project. We have created special preconditions that must meet our future location. In addition to many small but important positions, there are some essential requirements. So the area must be located so that it does not come right next to a big city. We assume that energy crisis and food shortage will result in a few days to the fact that people leave big cities and in the countryside looking for what they themselves have failed to stockpile.

So it would be pretty stupid, to build Micronation EcoEden beside Rome. On the other hand is the site not be as far away from civilization, that we must live our lives as a hermit, business contacts are extremely difficult and items can be exchanged only under great efforts. In addition, however, has the terrain and have the resources to be good to defend against attacks - also the location was so uninteresting that a state, soldiers or rebels rather focus on other objectives.

In sum, we decided two years ago to almost 1,000 hectares of land in Asturia, on a plateau, 700m above sea level. This is still relevant, but in the meantime our satellites have moved in a different direction and we currently tend to locate our project in Albania. To decide this final, we carry all current negotiations with a municipality to lease a vast forest, a large lake and a valley with two smaller lakes or to buy it. The infrastructure is typical for Albania - present but not European standards accordingly. So suitable for our purposes and our self-image. We are currently establishing in Albania a few of our satellite: Factories for herbal products, cultivation of traditional vegetable and fruit varieties, settlements, infrastructure projects, construction, structural reforms, welfare and more. Once we were unanimous respect of the land with the government, we will research based start which will also serve to give rise to our settlement on forestry, water management and construction. Optionally we will turn our property in Asturia, especially since we have there are no major problems with the international legal status of a micronation. Asturia itself is an independent state, is being represented only by Spain with respect to foreign and economic policy.

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