Bel Logis Franchise


The Working Group Bel Logis consists of the Alliance around Eco Eden | Noah's Ark 2.0 as an initiator, the IZB Private Institute for Future through Education, Munster, as excellent by various institutions educational institutions and the Phoenix Social Franchising GmbH, Lüneburg, as project development company with a focus on ethically valuable, socially necessary and permanently useful projects.

The Working Group Bel Logis has developed numerous activities and to an order of 30 rooms developed a complete range for the operators of hotels and boarding establishments. This offer includes a variety of opportunities and measures in the area of ​​conceptual design, qualification, business segment expansion, sustainability and tourism. The acceptance of this offer, partner of Bel Logis to be leading to a permanent base occupancy of the hotel or the guest house of 50% of the existing rooms and image enhancement by qualifications and unique features that provide tremendous competitive advantage in the long run.

This is not sold by the Alliance a concept, but the hotel owner or board operator seeks out the services offered the right to future unlike many competitors pull corresponding benefits for its operation. This concept is suitable for those businesses that increase sales, get their future ability to increase quality or to make their financial future secure. Especially valuable is our offer for enterprises in which to settle the succession or sale is to prepare well for such establishments, which are plagued by existential needs.

The two main components seniors urbanization and unique features of their home are the result of complex experiences and developments that we here want to explain briefly and comprehensively, transparently and comprehensibly explain in person. The senior citizens' residential communities bear the name Sanacura and form a symbiosis of the advantages of assisted living, the needs of the elderly to better life evenings, the benefits of a hotel or guest house stay and the private care by qualified personnel. In Sanacura units three, four seniors each form a residential community in the original sense of the word, which make them a very different, more and more sought after form of senior housing is that it goes beyond far from a sociological and social point of view, what is still generally offers seniors. Accordingly big is the demand.

This demand increases Bel Logis decisively characterized further in that a Sanacura unit respectively a supervisor will be provided, within the living community all year round the clock caring, helping and entertaining act. This staff is specially trained, monitored and further developed. Along with future USPs of your home provides Sanacura represents an extremely promising achievement in the needs of seniors who actively shape their retirement financially and health itself.

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