Municipal Security


Municipal Security | Private + Public Services Europejskie zgrupowanie interesów gospodarczych (E ZIG) is an association of professional, competent and above all experienced partner to the private sector with the seat in Poland and a field of application in Poland, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Denmark, Sweden and the Benelux countries. We provide security and order for municipalities and their citizens as a supplement to local and state institutions. In context with Micronation EcoEden we provide this in Albania, too, now.

Security is quality of life. High long-term quality of life guarantees satisfied citizens and thus a high Masz of effectiveness, production and confidence in your home municipality. The hitherto exclusively regulatory agency and police are entitled to services for security and order are always more, also delivered internationally to private companies in order to offer improved and effectively these services. Our company is part of national and international security policy.

Together with our partners we offer a number of services for private and municipal clients. We secure parking, schools, private and public institutions in the context of sophisticated security concepts in property and personal security. We cooperate with more and more property and personal security companies, whose services we bundle Municipal security under the concept of quality and provide a pressure group private and municipal clients to enable professional services can be offered standardized and executed. In addition, we are active in the field of education and training of security forces as an educational institution, underlining our claim that municipal safety more often supported sovereign functions of regulatory agencies and the police.

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