Angels Association Albania


Background of our project is the group Angels Association Global based in Rome, Hamburg and Poznan. This original 1979 resulting group has spent more than 30 years with the acquisition of projects and companies as well as private financing of such projects and companies. For more than seven years of this work focuses on such projects, technologies and companies that we need for our project in the financing phase, in the operational phase, in the collapse phase and in the post-collapse phase. In addition to research contracts and patent financing this includes the development of biomass production, decentralized energy production, district heating networks, cultivation of medicinal herbs, food production, production of biodiesel from non-food and renewable materials, education, animal welfare, food safety and construction technology.

In Albania there are now since about a year the Angels Association Albania, under whose roof we found the Albanian satellite, combine, operate and use. Established primarily by our German investment companies as well as some associated with us and our projects individuals we have 2015 four corporations: The Deutsche Energie Holding Sh.p.k. for the construction of decentralized energy production units, the Deutsche Agrar Holding Sh.p.k. for the cultivation of biomass and food, the Deutsche Zertifizierung Sh.p.k. for the establishment of quality management systems, control of food and certification of food products and educational institutions as well as the Deutsche Nutrition Holding Sh.p.k. to build factories for herbal products and their own cultivation of medicinal plants, as well as the trading of such.

In 2016, we have already established a very important subsidiary,  Demeter Development Sh.p.k. that will implement structural reforms in the agricultural and economic policy in Albania by private sector initiatives and projects. Also in 2016, we have a non-governmental organization (NGO / NGO) founded, which is the only advocacy Albanian exporters as Gateway Albania and the export industry will shape significantly.

Angels Association Albania continues to expand and is casually significantly strengthen our project Micronation EcoEden. We currently negotiating the acquisition of larger units of residential buildings, the establishment of production in the export sector, the establishment of an educational institution, the cultivation of orchards, quality assurance in the vineyards and olive groves as well as the remediation of landfills. Gradually, it becomes visible that the individual projects in the sum something very give rise to greatness and that each project is connected in any manner with the other.

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