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Important for the success of future project MicroNation EcoEden is, among other relevant matters, the use of long-term ecologically safe and economically sound technologies in the areas of renewable energy, tele-medicine, medicinal plants, biomass production, resource conservation, and medical treatment. To cope with this task, the sisters EcoEden Water GmbH & Co. KG and ACRE A Clean Earth Refreshed GmbH & Co. KG have FEE Research Institute commissioned tenders and conduct research assignments. While doing the EcoEden Water GmbH & Co. KG ensures integration into the overall project, provide the ACRE A Clean Earth Refreshed GmbH & Co. KG and the Elysion Financial Engineering contracts with the necessary capital. The FEE Research Institute took over the ressources of FBH Private Research Institute into 2017.

The FBH has turned increasingly apparent over the last twenty years again and also. Started as Research Institute of Biology in Switzerland came in the late 90s, early 2000s the field of waste management added. At the time we launched education campaigns, information evenings and site visits in the field of local and decentralized clarification technology. A few years ago we started with the same in the field of supply especially in the light of the increasingly important questions about environmental developments and decentralized supply facilities.

Since 2006, we've strengthened our focus to citizenship and are now as a serious partner in many companies promoting human resources, organizational and financially available. Here we note of course that we must not engage in economic activity as a socially committed club. As part of the asset management of the association, however, can be found today in us a socially committed partner in many areas of the increasingly important citizen involvement - we operate as a consulting and also as a research institute in the fields of renewable energy, youth work, social franchising and charity for our members, involved as founders in different clubs and participate in companies, if we want to take on this active influence to promote the then common goals.

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