The ACRE A Clean Refreshed Earth GmbH & Co. KG is the sister company of EcoEden Water GmbH & Co. KG, with a limited liability capital of currently € 550,000.00 and the project MicroNation EcoEden responsible for the purchase of property and the generation of capital. It is a subsidiary of Phoenix Social Franchising GmbH and thus belongs to the group of companies Angels Association Global. Both facts characterize our business and our business philosophy. We combine the ethical standards of the Phoenix Social Franchising GmbH with the business segments project development, project management, project financing and project implementation of Angels Association.

In this challenging business segments we operate in many different industries, by developing either on behalf of clients projects, adopt and finance or do this on its own behalf and for their own account. The fact that we have taken over all the resources of experience and connections in the field of project development and financing of Angels Association, we engage in a variety of partners and opportunities back to our work.

Basically, we buy and sell projects, ideas and companies. We finance these transactions and participate in these financially, organizationally and personally. Our international consultant working for you and for us on the basis that fees are converted into investments. Interim Manager we provide also available as tools to increase revenue, ensure liquidity and capital resources with private capital.

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