Phoenix Academies


The Phoenix Academies are a company originally founded by the Phoenix Social Franchising GmbH for imparting knowledge to adults in the fields of economy, ecology, health and metaphysics. The Phoenix Academies combine very different, partly independent academies and educational institutions and offer proven quality workshops and seminars for selected participants and target groups. These workshops and seminars, partly closed groups and individual events are not made public, but available within selected networks.

The Phoenix Academies are active in adult education with a focus on establishing, succession and economy since the early 2000s, together with the initiative unternehmer21 they were extensively employed as an educational institution in the field of entrepreneurship in Northern Germany. The lecturers and working in the industry or in medical malpractice faculty of Phoenix Academies explain in evening or day workshop the possibilities of capital in start-ups or succession plans. They keep the focus in particular on the Germany still largely unknown possibilities of the participation of private capital, receipt of small loans and the increase of sales and revenue through the visualization of business models as a means to expand the range of products and sales through better representation of the performance to generate the market.

As part of the current debt, better politicians crisis occurs more and more evident that capital for businesses, particularly capital for start-ups are increasingly provided by banks and financial institutions available, but this has to be raised capital from external sources. This change also requires a different presentation of business ideas, business models and especially of offers to potential donors. While a few years ago presented a sound business plan, together with good conditions to attract banks to pay interest as donors, this is different today. Today the business model completely different circles must be presented and is not about interest but about investments. This critical issue meanders into many sectors of society and the economy, so the Phoenix Academies focus moderate position in these segments and since early summer 2014 deals will be offered also in education and training.

These educational programs shall do so on the full range of citizens, regardless of whether you time employee, are in training or self-employed - or if you scale new levels of self-realization or want to expand your business. We have specialized in doing it years ago, only to offer such training measures, which are closely linked to practical experience through corresponding modules of training. Here again, we have such seminars and educational programs that create a variety of professional and business opportunities: the herbal business administrator and the European Economic Certificate. The new understanding of broad social layers for nature-oriented lifestyle, a new environmental awareness and self-management creates new needs in this same company and provides numerous opportunities for business and professional reorientation, optimization and qualification.

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