Current Situation

Postscript, July 26th, 2017

We had a friendly take-over into the ownership and be glad to be a member of Elysion Financial Engineering, which is an association settled up into the year 2002 to support refugees, women and people who needs a second chance by investing into startup-ideas, social projects and projects of protecting nature, animals and ethics. Through that new ownership we are straight connected to the Maple River Nutrazeutika KG, Lüneburg, to the Deutsche Nutrition Holding Sh.p.k., Tirana and to the Kräuterdepot Europa, Lüneburg.

The Deutsche Nutrition Holding is cultivating, cutting, analysing and exporting a selected number of different herbs to Maple River Nutrazeutika. Maple River Nutrazeutika is importing this 25 different herbs, sterilize them and sell it to doctors, homeopaths and nutrazeutika users. While the Kräuterdepot Europa is the online trading to sell the herbs also to consumers. These three companies are satelites of our MicroNation EcoEden and every profit will increase our capital.

Now we will proceed to find more friends, supporters and investors for our very special settlement project. It is fixed on a location in Asturia, now. The buildings will be done with a special kind of pre-fabricated houses from France, which another satelite of us is selling and building in Germany.


Postscript, October 30th, 2016

Due to the situation in Albania in context with corruption and a lack of education, experiences with investors and disinterest in positive developments of the Albanian society and economy on the peer of decision makers of politics and authorities in Albania we decided to stopp any activity for our project in Albania and to realize it in a country with more security, interest and support, now. We hope, that the Albanian leaders will find back to the historical size of former times.


May 05th, 2016

At April 04th, 2016 we made a so named "Unsolicited Proposal" to the Municipality of Lezhë in the north of Albania following the Albanian law to take over land and to cooperate with the government or their authorities. This Unsolicited Proposal will be checked from the Municipality and than to be given to the Ministry of Agriculture and the Ministry of Environment to start the negotiations about a public-private contract. Each step we will publish here and in a lot of other public sides following the International Regulates of Transparency to be protected against corruption and business spying.

The main content is that we will establish the REC Research- and Educational Center EcoEden in that region. This gives that region the chance to have our okay to do it in Albania and not in Asturia (Spain), if it is working in the right way. Overall, the research- and educational-center will therefore enhance the north of the Municipality of Lezhë nationally and gaining international awareness. The result is a professionally run symbiosis of research, education and tourism. The known resources of the area of water, herbs and landscape will be a tourist attraction and part of international research.

Researches in turn deal with sustainable use of resources and plants, the ethical reconciliation of nature, the economy and as well as quality assurance and quality enhancement. Overall, all issues are very positive and with which the region can make a name. Tourism itself will take place regardless of the season and advertised as so-called cultural tourism internationally. The synergies between the different segments of this unique project in Albania are only briefly described here and by no means complete. These ultimately even that the requested areas currently left to themselves, not maintained and will not be used. There are no income generated, the areas lie fallow and there are no solid use proposals. The research- and educational-center makes these idle resources tourist attractions and offers Albanian educational institutions potential to reach European standards.

In addition, employment in tourism, landscaping and agriculture are created. This is complemented by research contracts and corresponding expenditure in capital goods and skilled jobs. The cooperation with producers and exporters from the region has a positive effect on their business operations. And the research- and educational-center is the possibility of the Municipality of Lezhë to seek a new profile and build on old achievements over time.

Let's be curious about the progress. We will keep you informed.




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