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MicroNation EcoEden - Seminars


The buildings of the research- and educational-center are to be created in a wide area and spacious in one-storey construction by using prefabricated modules. The building are adapted to the landscape and meets the EU guidelines for so-called passive houses or low energy houses. The houses will be self-sufficient from external power generations, that sewage water is treated by proven decentralized so-called “plant-wastewater-treatment” plants, the drinking water is obtained by decentralized treatment plants from natural inflows from the mountains. The grounds as such is broken up by the mixed use of research, education and accommodation buildings with the acreage of energy plants, herbs and medicinal plants and installed and operated under high standards of environmental and nature protection. These buildings and their technical equipment itself are part of research contracts and visual example of the educational institution and tourist guides.

The educational institution is concerned foremost with the adults. Offered are training measures, arising from the research of the research- and educational-center and the Forest Enterprise. These training measures are addressed to specialists in the respective fields. Seminars are offered to laymen. This is supplemented by seminars of metaphysics and soft skills for managers and entrepreneurs. In addition to these quasi itself produce training measures are offered by the German Phoenix Akademies and recognized in the European Union: the EBC European Business Certificates. This EBC is the qualification of specialists, entrepreneurs and managers. In connection with the EBC, we offer the qualification as Master of Herbs "Sanacura Coach". This is a recognized training measure for nursing professions and tourism, which is a combination of theory and practice, business and herbology involves and the education ends in front of a German Chamber of Commerce.


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