Neo-Liberalism or Why there is no Revolution yet?

Why is this neoliberal domination system so stable? Why there is little resistance to it? Despite an ever increasing gap between rich and poor? For an explanation, it is important to understand how the subjugating power works today. As it to a debate between Antonio Negri and came to me a year ago in the Berlin Schaubühne, clashed two capitalism reviews frontally. Negri raved about possibilities of global resistance against the "Empire", the neo-liberal system of government. He presented himself as a communist revolutionary and called myself a skeptical professor. Emphatically he invoked the "multitude" that linked protest and revolution mass which he trusted there appears to bring the Empire to fall. It seemed to me the position of the communist revolutionary to be naive and unrealistic. So I tried to explain Negri why no revolution is possible today.

Why is this neoliberal domination system so stable? Why is there so little resistance to it? Why are they all out as quickly into the void? Why today is not a revolution possible in spite of ever increasing gap between rich and poor? For an explanation of a thorough understanding is necessary, as the power and rule works today.

Anyone who wants to install a new system of government must eliminate resistance. This also applies to the neo-liberal system of government. To set up a new system of government a releasing power is needed, which is often associated with violence. But these power-setting is not the same as the system inward stabilizing power. It is known that Margaret Thatcher unions treated as champion of neoliberalism as "the enemy within" and fought them violently. However violent intervention to enforce the neoliberal agenda is not those obligatory types of power. The obligatory types of power are no longer oppressive but seductive.

The system-sustaining power of disciplinary and industrial society was repressive. Factory workers were brutally exploited by factory owners. Thus the violent foreign exploitation of factory workers led to protests and resistances. Here was made possible a revolution that would overturn the ruling production ratio. In this repressive system both the oppression and the oppressors are visible. There is a concrete counterpart, a visible enemy, the resistance applies.

The neoliberal domination system is structured very differently. Here are the obligatory types of power not repressive but seductive. It is not as visible as in the disciplinary regime. There is no concrete counterpart more, no enemy which suppresses the freedom and against a resistance would be possible. Entrepreneur,  is an entrepreneur himself. Everyone is now an even exploitative working his own entrepreneur. Everyone is master and servant in one person. Even the class struggle turns into an inner battle with himself. Those who fail today,  are accusing themselves and ashamed. It problematizes itself instead of the company.

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